Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Group: Concept Development

  • first shot: split screen with one screen showing a male teenager sat on the floor of a dark room on his own and the other screen showing the female singer standing in the same room with a microphone. The first narrative of the boy is in a coloured gradient, whereas the female is shown in greyscale. Atmospheric lighting e.g. spotlight and candles.
  • The word 'nightcall' shows up over the top of the split screen.
  • As the lyrics begin, the female is shown in the same room on her own singing the lyrics, as the narrative switches between her and the boy.

  • actors - getting people to volunteer to act/perform is difficult, and arranging times where everyone involved including cast and crew are available to film at one time is also a difficult task
  • location - finding the 'perfect' location is difficult as the blacked-out drama studio may not be suitable enough to fit all of our cast in, so we may have to choose another location i.e. a barn or something similar
  • action - our concept is simple yet symbollic, which means that the visuals may lack in action, so we may need to include an extra narrative, or include more of a back-story to the boy

1 comment:

  1. Your issues are a little difficult to understand as so brief. The girl in black and white needs to be carefully choreographed. I thought she was more of a metaphorical representation and wouldn't do literal things such as looking at a phone - isn't she about minimalism, style and movement?