Thursday, 24 October 2013

Group: First Shoot Plan

Having experienced some problems with our location over our half-term holiday, we are unable to start filming next week. Having had an idea about how to create more action and filler shots, we have decided to include some flashback shots of our protagonist being bullied as a child, or suffering some problems with his parents. In these shots, we will make sure that something sentimental is shown in the shot, such as the boy holding a teddy bear, which we then be shown being destroyed i.e. burnt or something  similar to that effect.

We will show this as POV shots which we will project into the room we are filming in, and shoot our protagonist as if he is watching them. Due to this location problem, we have decided to shoot all of our 'outside' footage, i.e. all of the shots not in the dark room, during half term to make sure we can start our production process.

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