Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Group: Term 1 Review

To meet the upcoming deadline for our music video, digipak and magazine advertisement, myself and Matt need to make sure that our ideas that we have are then shown in the visuals. At the moment, we feel that our ideas will be unable to be seen effectively in our video. Due to this, we have decided that we need to get more organised and work through the song in the drama studio. Therefore:

  • first shoot - 7th November at 3.30pm, filming my character (Chessie) in the drama studio
  • second shoot - 11th November at 3.30pm, filming our protagonist, Ben, in the drama studio
  • third shoot - 14th November at 3.30pm, filming Ben and the background characters, in the drama studio
  • fourth shoot - 16th November at 10am, filming POV shots, in our homes/outside locations

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