Monday, 25 November 2013

Group: Campaign - Band Image

The brief was to begin producing the advert and digipak, using either our own images or found images. The above show our first efforts, using solely found images (which will be replaced later with our own footage) with the digipak efforts at the top and the advert at the bottom.

We have set out to create a cohesive band image to promote the album through the use of dark imagery and the look of being lost, as shown by the girl in the dark, Alice in Wonderland-like forest, as well as the boy in the digipak who looks like he is lost and searching for something.

The advert is designed to run in Q Magazine, as Q focusses a lot on pop music as well as more indie styles of music, and London Grammar fit into both of those categories.

We chose to design an A4 advertisement as it allows a lot of focus to go into the dark wood, whilst allowing the characters to be shown as small in comparison to the woods but not small enough that they are difficult to see.

The use of visual motifs that will be in our advert and digipak will represent the notion of being lost, for example things are easy to lose in the woods. As well as the pendent that is used in the video and advert represents the past in a bleak manor.

The leading line of the advert is the picture in the centre of the page, leading up to the bands name and then the album name.

The text anchors the images through the way that it is dark in the pictures, representing night to match the title of "Nightcall".

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