Friday, 29 November 2013

MJ: Advertisement Rough Cut

In my rough version of the magazine advertisement so far I have added the picture in, which was originally too small to fit the page, but by copying sections of the picture and merging them with the two sides of the picture I have been able to overcome this problem. Originally the two sides did not look right, but by colour grading the sides using the Curves tool on Adobe Photoshop CS3 I have been able to make them look almost part of the picture.

I have also made the forest a brighter, more ethereal, green by cutting Chessie character out whilst using the Curves function to make the greens brighter.

As for the titles, these will not be used for the completed piece, however I quite like the look of this font, as the way that much of the word blends in with the picture gives it a ghostly feel. However I do still prefer the original, as used on the digipak that will fit with the band image.

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