Thursday, 7 November 2013

FA: Digipak Ideas

Front Cover

  • split screen with our male protagonist on one side with a gloomy expression, and our artist on the other side trying to 'get through' to the boy as if she is the boy's conscience
  • 'London Grammar' in large white letters above the picture
  • 'Nightcall' also in large white letters below the picture, both in the same font, such as this one called 'passion tea' from
  • a picture of a moon above both characters in the middle of the picture, underneath the title of the band which will have a blue tint surrounding it, to represent the 'night' in 'nightcall'


Back Cover

  •  a faded or washed out picture of the boy screaming with a dark wash
  • the same white font as on the front cover lists the tracks from the album
  • bar code, and any smallprint needed will be at the bottom of the frame

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