Thursday, 14 November 2013

Group: Major Concept Development

Due to many issues myself and Matt have come across over the past few weeks, we have decided to completely change our music video to a more narrative based video. We sat down and listened to our chosen track and came up with our new concept:

  • The first instrumental part of the song (28 seconds), the female performer is shown playing the piano in a room all alone. The camera tracks around her with a romantic yet edgy atmosphere, lit by spotlights and candles.
  • As the narrative begins, a male is shown in an outside location looking for something unknown to the audience.
  • When the narrative progresses, it becomes clear that he is looking for the same girl who is performing.
  • The girl then appears in the narrative as a ghostly figure, who is guiding the boy towards something in a hurried manner.
  • The narrative will then reflect the lyrics 'I'm going to show you where its dumped' which will eventually lead to the body of the female having been murdered.
  • The end shot will be the boy opening the locket in the female's hand to see a picture of them both.

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