Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Group: Audience Research - Rough Cut

  • We have a nice panning shot, however it does  get shaky at some points and so we could do with using AfterEffects to make it much more smooth.
  • At time the light levels changed.
  • The mise-en-scene used is good and fits the style of the track.
  • Some of the shots are too long, and so need cutting.
  • There is a nice use of distance variety, e.g. a mix of long shots and close ups.
  • Some of the performance needs editing as it either is not a necessary part or it does not look like the character is actually singing.
  • The part of the pan in which only the piano can be seen needs to be cut as it is not needed and is out of place.
  • The canted angle is in the wrong place, too long and supposedly too extreme for use within the video.

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