Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rough Cut Feedback

1. Some examples of A grade shots, where the footage works particularly well with the music. The concept is appropriate for the sound and the editing is beginning to show good selection of shots.

2. The vignette at the beginning of the wood scene is better than the rather more defined circular one which you then switch to. The shots in the wood need sequencing correctly as the narrative doesn't appear to be in the right order at present. The performance in the hall is much improved and some of the shots on Chessie and tracking in and out are lovely. Not all the pans are working because of background and the angle the camera ends up it. This however could be beautiful, I suggest if you are running out of time, that you export this footage onto another time line on a different computer and each work on a different bit of the narrative.

3. You should shoot performance outside as originally planned, this is what is missing and I think would enhance it.

4. Print work is progressing well. The blur effect on the images - I don't think works. The shot of Matt is appropriate but needs to be a stronger selection from your images. You examples of found images lower down on the blog are good examples. There is clear evidence of a cohesive band image here so it is worth working on the images to get the best ones.

Blog: is showing development of ideas and reflect. You need to ensure that you are using more media terms in your analysis and keep it technical and detailed. Bullet points are better than continuous prose.

5. Your music video is currently a level 3 but could be a level 4 (A) as I have seen the evidence from the shoot. You are losing marks for this part of the criteria: "...including controlled use of the camera, attention to framing, ...and close attention to mise en scene." 26/40 + a mid C.

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