Friday, 13 September 2013

FA: Digipak Analysis

Bloc Party - Four

Dyer – Star Image

·         Artist appears through pictures – present
·         Fails to make eye contact in the pictures – absent
·         Shown to be ordinary people playing instruments in the pictures
·         Seen mostly with instruments representing the individuals
·         The audience is therefore unfulfilled which creates a star image
·         The band do not appear in the album artwork, only on the inside cover; encourages fans to find the content for themselves


Barthes – Semiotics

·         The four rings of colour are used to signify the relationship of the band
·         The pictures in the digipak and inside cover contains pictures with a colour wash using the same colours as on the front cover
·         Each colour represents a band member with each ring signifying a harmonious relationship between the band


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  1. This is a bit sparse on detail probably because you have chosen a product which there is not much to say about. You refer to this as a digipak but it looks like an advert to me?