Thursday, 12 September 2013

MJ: Mainstream Music Videos


Mirrors - Justin Timberlake (Sigismondi, 2013)

Mise-en-scene changes to show the different times.
When the characters are young the camera moves much more than when the characters are old.
For a bulk of the video we only see the couples life, but then changes to just Justin Timberlake singing, rather than cutting to each throughout.
Video features a lot of narrative fuzz.
Lighting in the mirror scene changes how the audience can see through the mirrors at times and cannot in others reinforces the meaning of the song.


Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean (Mandler, 2012)

Set as a short film, the music video cuts from narrative action to Justin Bieber singing.
The video has a fast cutting rate to fit with the fast music.
Low key lighting is frequently used, which matches the videos dark tones.
Make-up is used to show a beaten up Bieber, leading to enigma which is resolved at the end of the video.
Light exposure is frequently seen throughout the video to give it a more cinematic look.

Come & Get It - Selena Gomez (Mandler, 2013)
This video focuses mainly on Selena singing the song, without much actual narrative, in different settings.
It has a fairly medium cutting rate.
The music video is set it India as well as a field of Texas bluebonnets, adding to the dark yet sweet intentions of the song.
The camera throughout the video is focused on Selena’s face, creating star image.
The cutting rate increases during the chorus because of the increased bass used.

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