Friday, 20 September 2013

Group: Brighton Location Reccie

Brighton - 19th September 2013

  • pier
  • north and south laines
  • seafront
  • arcade
  • graffiti streets

What did we achieve?

  • captured a range of distance shots including: extreme long shot, long shot, mid shot, close up and extreme close up
  • angle shots including: low angle, high angle, birds eye and worms eye
  • movement shots including: tilt, pan, ped, track and zoom in/out
  • effective use of mise-en-scene in each shot

What problems/obstacles did we encounter?

  • camera batteries for a Nikon D5100 camera were left at home by accident, but luckily we had a camera intended for taking stills on the day which we used to capture our footage
  • the weather was not suited to our footage we wanted to capture, so we had to make minor changes to our day plan 

What did we learn that we can take to our own location reccies?

  • the differences between filming in urban and rural locations
  • planning shots in advance is an effective use of time
  • how to set up our equipment with pace and ease
  • to be more ambitious, experimental and intuitive
  • to get different angles of the same shot to make the clip more interesting for the audience
  • to capture the best mise-en-scene in the background of our narrative
  • to capture more footage so we are able to edit the best shots into our video
  • to capture more filler/meat shots

Due to problems with third party content we have been unable to upload our video with the intended music.

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